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The Master-List!

Entertainment, PG-13, Nostalgia Critic/Ask That Guy
The Critic is bored, Ask That Guy doesn't care.

Sex Pollen Makes You Do The Wacky, R, Nostalgia Critic/Angry Video Game Nerd, Dr. Insano/Linkara, Nella/Nostalgia Chick
Sex pollen is not exactly something you want to screw up on...

I See No Wrinkles Here, PG-13, set afterfreya_sacksen's "In Space" verse, Nostalgia Critic/Ask That Guy
In which the Critic has a well-deserved breakdown.


1. Spooning With Spoony: Boys Edition. Critic/Spoony/Linkara
2. Nella comforts the Chick after Bratz. Nella/Nostalgia Chick
3. Dr. Insano finally takes what he wants. Set during the "In Space" verse, disturbing themes and imagery. Dr. Insano/Linkara
4. Ask That Guy has a little bit more fun with the Critic's mind. Set during the "In Space" verse, same warnings. Nostalgia Critic/Ask That Guy

Never To Be Mentioned Again, PG-13, a whole fuckload of pairings
Geeks and children don't mix. Especially when it's geeks that have been turned into children.

A Proper Challenge, PG-13, SWS!Spoony/Harvey Finevoice
Spoony finally meets someone who could be his match.

You will die somewhat, again and again, R, ATG/Critic, Critic/OMC
"This is like Prom Night all over again!"

Who Doesn't Love Hellspawn?, PG-15, ATG/Critic
Fairies aren't the only species that have a thing for the Critic's insides.

Three Isn't Just A Crowd, PG-15, Insano/Linkara/Marz
Marz certainly takes the news of Insano/Linkara well.

Self-Love, R, Ask That Guy/Ask That Guy (Meme response for wildonion)
Which other person could ATG love just as much?

Dress The Pony, PG-13, Spoony/Critic (Meme response for keevacaereni  )
Even though he's the one in heels, Critic still gets walked all over.

More Than Enough, PG, Suede/Veronique (Meme response for fuzzywezzy  )
She reminds him of someone...

The Ultimate Reward, R, NC/ATG (Meme response for fininevermore  )
Ask That Guy has some fun while the Critic is in no position to worry about it.

Behavioural Lessons, R, Nostalgia Dudette/Ask That Chick
The Dudette needs some more lessons in manners and she'll get them, whether she likes it or not.

Troll Love, PG-13, Critic/TV Tropes Troll
A troll, a critic, and two fangirls in one house. What fun!

For It Knows So Much It Knows Nothing, PG, little bit of NC/ATG
Ask That Guy's starting to go out with a whimper instead of a bang.

Watch Out For Friends, PG, Critic/Spoony
Critic's really sorry, but sometimes he just can't help himself.

Give Your Laugh To It, PG-13, Chick/Critic
Looks like the Chick is Critic's counterpart in more ways than one.

Your Scream Won't Be Heard, PG-13, Critic/ATG, Spoony
Critic was running out of ways to entertain himself.

Trust Me, PG-15 for sexual abuse of a minor, Doug/Doctor Guy
Only me, and we'll get along fine.

I Will Remember You, PG-15 for self-induced abortion, Chick/Critic/ATG
Chick gets some bad news from Ask That Guy.

Scared Now?, PG-15, Chick/Nerd/Critic
Tie me up a Nerd, you know you want to.

Let It All Come Down, PG, Chick/AU!Husband and Chick/Critic.
Something is missing from her life.

Coming Home, PG, some Critic/ATG and Critic/Game Heroes
Critic finally gets back from Kickassia.

The Avalanche Will Bury You, PG-15, Marz/Goggles, Marz/OC (pre-club)
Marz would do anything to make sure she and Goggles lived okay.

A Friend In Need, PG-13, Chick/Nella (pre-club) (written by keevacaereni  )
Life sucks. But at least she has someone.

even when we are nothing left, PG-13, Critic/ATG, Critic/Distressed Watcher (pre-club)
I'll put all my trust in you.

Where All The Ladders Start, PG-13, Linkara/Spoony (pre-club)
Just one fuck in a disgusting alleyway. That's all.

I Don't Mind, PG-15, Chick/OC, Chick/Nella, Critic/OCs, Critic/ATG, Linkara, Marz/Goggles (pre-club)
Honestly, everything's okay.

Let Go. Let Go. PG-13, Chick/Nella, Chick+Film Brain (pre-club)
Chick really needs a friend.

The Real Green Thing Will Come, PG, Critic+Harvey Finevoice friendship (pre-club)
Critic gets some sage advice.

The Sun Dies In Your Arms, PG-13, Critic/Ask That Guy (pre-club)
And he can't open his mouth to tell them how much he needs to stay.

give water to a dead daisy, PG, Goggles/Marz (pre-club)
Some things just were never meant to be.

take me back to that red mouth, PG-13, Nella+Film Brain (anon writer)
She'll come back and live happily ever after? Not likely.

A Hole In The River, PG, Ellis, Michaud (meme drabble written by theladyisatiger )
It's what she'd want.

So Far Away, PG-15, Chick/Critic (meme drabble)
Don't get into your head that I'm saving you.

if wishes were horses, PG-15, Chick/Michaud (meme drabble)
...we'd all fly to far-off lands.

The Darkness In Your Flesh, PG-13, Chick+Michaud (written by freya_sacksen )
He can't take back the past; maybe he can change the future. Chick's rescue from Michaud's POV.

Two Lions In The Ring, PG-13, Critic/Michaud
What are they even fighting for?

Your Running Shall End Today, PG-13, Chick+Michaud (anon writer)
This is the last time she'll ever get hurt.

Blackberry Brandy, PG, Lucy, Michaud (written by xraraavisx )
You see, dysfunction breeds. It does not simply happen.

the power came back, PG, Chick/Critic (meme drabble)
And it feels so good.

once I was young and bold, PG, Marz/Linkara (meme drabble)
There's no princesses waiting in towers here.

Cherry Lipgloss, R, Nerd/Critic, Critic/Chick, Linkara/Insano
The Nerd gets lost and finds somewhere he belongs all on one night.

Make Yourself The Hero, PG-13, Linkara/Insano
Pretend to be someone different. Pretend to be someone better.

Each Machine Is Working, PG, small references to Critic/Nerd
Mary just needs a moment.

It's A Fire Sale, PG-15, Nerd/Critic
The Nerd has to leave. And the Critic is fine with that.

tease and tear, PG-15, Critic/OC (anon writer)
After the Nerd leaves, the Critic moves on wonderfully.

in her blood, PG-13, Angry Joe/Mary (written by freya_sacksen )
It's what he wants, tonight; to melt an ice queen on a hot summers night.

Strawberry Smile, PG, Angry Joe/Mary (meme drabble written by freya_sacksen )
He can't get her out of his head.

All The Love You Own, PG, Marz/Linkara (meme drabble)
Rules of being a pimp: don't care about them too deeply. But who follows rules?

Sambuca Fire, PG-13, Angry Joe/Mary (written by freya_sacksen )
The girls aren't damsels in distress, and he's no shining knight, but he'll do for now.

You and Me Won't Be Unhappy, PG-15, Critic/Chick
Critic tries to do something nice for the Chick's birthday. Doesn't quite turn out as planned.

Cracking Up Your Brain, PG-15 for watersports, Mary/OC
Mary should have known he was going to be gross the minute he walked in.

Collapsing Inwards, PG, Critic/OC
As if drowning at the heart.

Who Miss You Every Single Night, PG-13, Nerd/Critic
The Nerd comes back. Everyone is happy.

The Mask  I Try On, PG-15, Snob/Critic (anon writer)
It doesn't have a crack anywhere to be found.

and what was left, PG-15, Stacey/Michaud (written by freya_sacksen)
"and I never wanted anything from you, except everything you had and what was left after that too" Stacey has a nightmare.

There Are No Prayers Here, PG, Marz/Linkara, Marz/Chick
Marz knows things about a lot of people. But she's not going to let anyone inside.

A Girl Like You, PG-13, Veronique+Linkara friendship (written by nochi_san)
She was out of place in the best possible way.

Flush Yourself Away, PG-15 for disturbing imagery, Sage/ATG
Ask That Guy goes to work.

Fuck You Like An Animal, PG-15, Critic/ATG (anon writer)
Identical twins should always be as close as possible.

Bad For Business, PG, Ellis/Michaud (written by freya_sacksen )
Sometimes he wonders if the money is really worth it.

Take Care Of Me, PG, Chick+That Other Guy friendship (anon writer)
She's his favorite customer.

History Is Forgettable, PG, Chick+That Other Guy friendship (written by theladyisatiger )
The Other Guy lets loose a little history to the Chick.

Your Heart Falls Out Of Your Mouth, PG-13, Chick/Michaud
It's just an arrangement. That's all.

Watch Out For Hate, PG, Chick+Film Brain (meme drabble / written by freya_sacksen )
It can open its mouth and you'll fling yourself out.

These Boots Are Made For..., PG, Critic/OC (anon writer)
You don't normally go see hookers.

Sleep Alone: A Hooker!Verse Fanmix
I'm a prayer for your loneliness...

Then We Do It Again, PG, Penny/That Other Girl (written by iambic5 )
Penny understands a lot of things. Then again, she doesn't understand a lot of things.

The Cake Is A Lie, PG, MikeJ, Ashens, Guru Larry (written by envy_rouge)
"Oh no, the cake does exist, it's just filled with poison, pestilence and a bit of cocaine."

Mackie Messer, PG, MikeJ, Ashens, Guru Larry (written by envy_rouge )
"Some of them. Usually work related stuff, apart from one or two that are getting... attached."

Belladonna Tea, PG, MikeJ, Ashens, Guru Larry (written byenvy_rouge )
"Say, did he leave because at a certain hour you turn into a wanker or there's something else that puts such aspect of your personality to shame?"

Home Down The Line, PG-13, Critic/Nerd (anon writer)
The voice crackles through the phone and it makes him feel like he's warm.

Partners, PG-13, Ellis/Michaud (anon writer)
They look out for each other.

The Fear, PG, Linkara/Marz, Linkara/Insano, Linkara/Critic
Linkara makes himself feel better the only way he knows how.

Make Me Better, PG-15, Linkara/Marz, Linkara/Critic
Marz and Critic try to help Linkara. Too bad their ways of helping kinda clash.

Would You Tell Me, Please?, PG-13, Linkara/Y (anon writer)
Y gives Linkara a massage.

we have all the time in the world, PG-15, Linkara/Paw (meme drabble)
and we're going to use it right.

One Hundred Kisses In The Dark, PG, Penny/Critic, Chick/Critic
It doesn't matter that she doesn't know what's going on. Penny hurt something of the Chick's and that can't be allowed.

I Do Not Believe A Word I Have Said, PG-13, Penny/That Other Girl
Penny's life gets a bit worse.

Pennies And Roses, PG-15, That Other Girl/Chick
This is not her usual nightmare.

Stress-Busters, PG-13, Donna/Paw/Benzaie
Paw and Benzaie help Donna out after a hard night's work.

Never Coming Down, PG, Linkara/Critic, aunt_zelda and twetwe123
Like a cat in a bag, waiting to drown.

river, break me down, PG, Goggles/Marz (written by nombrehetomado )
The past is sitting on her couch, rummaging through her things.

Picking Those Sweet Kisses, PG, one-sided Spoony/Insano and Spoony/Scarlett
Just another day at the office.

Every Part Of You Says Yes, PG, one-sided Spoony/Scarlett
Spoony doesn't have the best time at the office party.

Lights, Camera, Action, R, Critic/Spoony/Linkara
Smile, tease, do what they tell you, just don't let the hurt in.

Phenotype, PG (written by xraraavisx )
Ellis, with a special redhead in a starring role.

Out There On Your Own, PG, Todd In The Shadows (written bytheladyisatiger )
Todd keeps his face covered. There's a reason why.

The Adventures of Bum and Smurf-Girl, PG, Chester/Marz
Nice, pretty ladies look after Chester.

Mistletoe, PG, Joe/Mary (written by freya_sacksen)
Chase the darkness away.

Eye Of The Storm, PG, Liz/Michaud, Chick/Michaud, (written by freya_sacksen )
Liz discovers a secret of Michaud's...

Memory In The Raw, PG, Chick/Nella (written by keevacaereni )
Another one of those nights.

Like Prayer And Can't Be Planned, PG, one-sided Lucy/Y
Lucy's had enough.

my love is like ice, PG-15, Ellis/Lucy (meme drabble)
It hurts when you touch too much.

The Horse You Rode In On, PG, Donna/Benzaie, Benzaie/Suede
Benzaie's homesick and missing someone.

You've Made Room For Me, PG-15, Critic/Nerd (meme drabble)
It's been a rough year.

Wake Up Call, PG, Stacey
Every girl needs a bit of alone time.

step on the butterflies, PG-15, Angry Joe/Mary, Michaud/Mary (written by freya_sacksen )
Three times Mary didn't say "no" and one time she did.

Glasgow Grin, PG, Angry Joe/Mary (written by freya_sacksen / meme drabble)
They were made for each other.

a thousand lost days, PG-13. JewWario/Liz (written bytheladyisatiger )
Ten drabbles about JewWario in the Hooker!Verse.

The Fire Woman, PG-13, Spoony/Scarlett (meme drabble)
Please don't let her burn away.

Texan, PG, Joe/Mary (written by xraraavisx )
This Joe's not a softie for Mary, but he's Texan.

Put On A Show, PG-13, Nerd/Critic (anon writer)
Nerd needs a goodbye gift before he goes away again.

Hearts, PG (written by freya_sacksen)
Linkara was free.

Perturbada, PG, Ma-Ti (written by xraraavisx )
Ma-Ti observes a few crazy people and gets why Snob likes this club so much.

A Strong Wind Will Blow It To Pieces, PG-13, Penny/That Other Girl (written by iambic5 )
Penny keeps trying, but it's easier to hold people together than it is to do the same thing for herself.

Sweet Little Girl, PG, Liz
Who had her whole life planned out.

A humble customer, PG (written by theladyisatiger )
Film Brain did something very bad.

Isn't It A Lovely Night? (1, 2) PG-13, Film Brain, MikeJ, The Other Guy (written by envy_rouge )
"'m carrying a bloody corpse in the company of an emotionally barren and frightening man."

Spitfire, PG (anon writer)
Film Brain gets help from a friend.

Stay Near, PG-13, Chick/Critic
She has things she wants to say, but can't find a way to say them.

say please, and pay the man, PG-13, Phelous (written by nombrehetomado )
He hasn't done anything they haven't done to themselves.

Tumbling Branches, PG-15, That Other Girl
The mess would be beautiful.

Who Will Save Me If Not You?, R, That Other Girl/Chick (written by ladyhadhafang )
There's nobody else who cares enough.

Pretend Normality, PG-13, JewWario+Pushing Up Roses (written by a_mae_zing )
It's a brand new day, and the sun is high...

the webbing in the bed, PG-13, Ask That Guy/Nerd/Critic (meme drabble)
Everybody's tangled up and nobody can get out.

Guttering, PG-13, Ask That Guy/Sage
"Why would I want to leave Critic?"

Good For The Throat, PG-13, OCs/Critic
Show off your talents.

Fire At Will, PG, JewWario+Michaud
"And doesn't that make things so much easier?"

Only Me, PG, Critic/Ask That Guy (anon writer)
"Because I'm yours - and you're mine."

Of Hitlers And Tea, PG, Other Guy, MikeJ, Critic and Sean Fausz (written by envy_rouge )
"It took a brief moment for Other Guy to do the math and even less to understand that the English person had decided - only God knew why - that it would be his goal to pester him for the next ten minutes."

Black Sheep (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) PG, Other Guy, Critic, Chick, Ask That Guy (written by envy_rouge )
"No excuse? Like, I was on a mission from God?"

There'll Be Peace When You Are Done, PG, Liz, Critic
Don't you cry no more.

Psychobabble, PG, The Other Guy, Ashens, MikeJ (written by envy_rouge )
"Then, all I thought was that he was a nice person. Of course, I didn't know him."

Each One Better Than Before (1, 2, 3), PG-13, Critic/ATG

Emery (1, 2, 2.5, 3, 4), PG-13, Lucy, (written by xraraavisx )
Lucy's losing her grip, but she'll always be our girl.
Perfect Day (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), PG-13, lots of people (written by envy_rouge)

A Bunch Of Fives, PG, Film Brain, JewWario, Angry Joe, Paw, MarzGurl, Chick (written byfunkyinfishnet )
Often Film Brain goes to the club to escape. This place helps and hinders him. And somehow he makes friends.

Call Me A Driver (you're looking for a screw) PG-13, Critic/Chick (written by nombrehetomado )
This is probably going to end badly.

you're a part of something, PG-13, Chick/Michaud and Benzaie/Suede (written by freya_sacksen )
Out of all the people in the club, there's only one he trusts. At least, that's what he tells himself.

a thousand times, PG-13, some Paw/Donna and Benzaie/Suede (written by freya_sacksen)
They know everything that's happening. It's their club, after all.


The Worst Case Scenario, PG, RPF (written byfreya_sacksen )
Some of the TGWTG and CA staff encounter the Hooker!verse. Hilarity ensues.

Taking What You Deserve, R, Linkara/Mechakara (out of canon)
Mechakara takes his frustrations out on someone who won't fight back.

Searing The Flesh, R, That Other Girl/Critic/Sage (out of canon)

Night Of Soil, PG-15, Chick/Critic/That Other Girl (out of canon)
It's getting dark.

Dreams, PG, Normal Verse Linkara (anon writer)
Who had a mind to disagree?

Critic/Linkara art from timidfox

Chick/Michaud art from timidfox

Everything's Just Fine/Film Brain art from kadaverous

Joe/Mary art fromtimidfox

Nerd/Critic art from charlotteszasz

Joe, Chick, Critic and Linkara art from charlotteszasz

Film Brain art from timidfox

Note: All the anon meme fics are likely to change titles, summaries and ratings depending on de-anonation or not.


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Happy Birthday to you, and I hope you have a lovely one... many beautiful wishes to you and blessings. HUGS
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